Beginner Bootcamp Level 1: 9 february 2020

In 2020 we have our beginner bootcamps West Coast Swing on 2 levels!

Join our Beginners Level 1 if you’ve never danced West Coast Swing before, you want to learn a different role, or just want to brush up on your basics.

Join our beginners Level 2 if you already followed our Beginners Level 1.

Learned your basics elsewhere? You can join Level 2 on instructor approval. You need to have knowledge of basic fundamentals of WCS and know how to dance basic 6-count patterns (leftside pass, underarm pass, sugar push, sugar tuck turn).


Who can join: Anyone! No dance experience required.

Brief summary of the course:
– The fundamental skills of West Coast Swing
– How to start the dance
– Basic side passes and pushes

Where: Malakkastraat 6 Utrecht
When: February 9 from 14:00 till 17:00
Costs: € 20 per person

Register and dance in the role you feel most comfortable in. You don’t need a partner to sign-up (but it is very helpfull if you do …..)
We need you to register in advance so we can keep an eye on the leader/follower ratio ….

? Registration form
? Facebook event

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