20 September 2022: Try-out class Level Up!

This fall we start with our Level Up! series. On Tuesday September 20th I teach a try-out class at Salsaventura Utrecht.

The Level Up! series are designed to encourage personal growth in a supportive environment. Students work on personal skills and partnership skills to level up their dancing. We also work on new variations and styling.

There’s no need to follow the Level-Up series in a certain order.  A student can join a Level-Up series as soon as a new series is started. Every 5-weeks we work on a different theme:

  • Level Up your Creativity
  • Level Up your Footwork
  • Level Up your Connection
  • Level Up your Musicality

This class is for those who can consistently apply the skills from the Beginner syllabus in their dancing (you successfully finished level 1B). We expect you have knowledge of basic fundamentals of WCS and know how to dance basic 6-count and 8-count patterns (left side pass, underarm pass, sugar push, sugar tuck turn, whip).

If you don’t have any West Coast Swing experience yet, there will be a West Coast Swing try-out class for beginners on September 20 at 19.00.

A try-out class at Salsaventura costs €5,- . If you decide to enroll in the West Coast Swing course, the costs of the try-out class will be deducted from price of the 5-week course.

When: Tuesday 20 september 2022

Time: 8pm-8.40pm
Costs: €5


LocationSEB, Wattlaan 10, 3553 GX Utrecht

Facebook eventhttps://fb.me/e/1GIGSg8kE

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