11 maart 2023: Beginner Bootcamp West Coast Swing (level 1A) in Amersfoort

Saturday March 11th I teach a Beginner Bootcamp West Coast Swing in Amersfoort. This workshop is perfect for anyone new to West Coast Swing who would like to start to learn West Coast Swing in one go.

The Bootcamp is also a good opportunity for anyone who already dances WCS and wants to learn the opposite role.

After this afternoon you know some of the basic fundamental movement skills of West Coast Swing to be able to lead or follow in West Coast Swing:

  • you can dance some basic variations of West Coast Swing (like Left Side Pass, Under Arm Turn, Sugar Push, Sugar Tuck, Tuck Pass)
  • you understand some of the fundamental personal movement skills (posture, basic footwork, 6- count rhythms)
  • you understand some of the fundamental partnership movement skills (connection and “lead and follow”)

When: March 11th

Time: 1.30 pm-4.45 pm (with a short break), doors open at 1.15pm

Costs: €35

RegisterRegistration form

  • Both couple and and single registrations are welcome. We rotate partners in our group class
  • For single applicants we will accept your application as soon as someone with the opposite dance role has registered. Until then you will be put on a waiting list

WhereDe Danswerkplaats, Oude Fabrieksstraat 20 in Amersfoort

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